Monday, February 15, 2016

Dangers to cows in Wyoming

In 2005 . . ., 42,000 cattle died in Wyoming. Of those, about 4,000 were killed by predators (2,200 by coyotes, 700 by wolves, 500 by mountain lions, 200 by grizzlies, 100 by dogs and black bears, 200 by other predators). The majority of cows (8,700) died from respiratory problems. Calving accounted for another 7,800 deaths and weather killed 7,000. In other words, ten times as many cows died from weather as from wolves. (Ranchers are compensated for predator attacks, but not for the weather, maybe because, although men and women have tried, you can't shoot the wind.)
Alexandra Fuller, "Wyoming," in Matt Weiland & Sean Wilsey eds., State by State: A Panaramic Portrait of America (2008)

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